Environmental Chemistry Lab

Environmental Chemistry Lab
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Jinsung An Environmental Chemistry Environmental Chemistry Laboratory : ECL
Engineering Building Ⅱ, Room 107
Hanyang University's ERICA Environmental Chemistry Laboratory (ECL) scientifically evaluates the impact of environmental pollution caused by human activities on the human body and ecosystem , and researches technologies to reduce it. We aim to develop human resources who can contribute to the creation of a sustainable society and environment.
Research field Research contents Research result
Ecotoxicity prediction and evaluation technology - Development of a biotic ligand model for predicting environmentally significant heavy metal ecotoxicity
- Research on calculating the permissible concentration of pollutants in the aquatic ecosystem / soil ecosystem
- A study on the introduction of machine learning techniques
생태독성 예측 및 평가기술
Technology for evaluating the transfer amount of pollutants to the human body - Development of migration amount evaluation technology according to human exposure of pollutants in household chemicals and environmental media
- Calculation of human carcinogenic / non-carcinogenic risk based on reasonable exposure evaluation technique
 오염물질 인체 전이량 평가기술
Research on the impact of microplastics on the ecosystem - Evaluation of weathering characteristics of microplastics
- Evaluation of dissolution characteristics of additives
- Soil characteristics and soil microbial community impact assessment
- Research on micronization of biodegradable plastics
미세플라스틱 생태계 영향 연구
Research on risk reduction measures for contaminated soil; - Development of in situ stabilization technology
- Accelerator (X- ray absorption ) analysis for evaluation of stabilization mechanisms
- Assessment of long-term effectiveness of stabilization

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