Innovative Materials and Structures Lab

Innovative Materials and Structures Lab
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Jang Seung-hwan Composite Materials Structural Engineering Laboratory for Innovative Materials and Structures: LIMS
Engineering Building Ⅱ, Room 409
+82)31-400-5183 LIMS
Laboratory for Innovative Materials and Structures (LIMS) aims to combine existing structural materials technologies with new nanomaterials and advanced technologies to commercialize them in a variety of fields, including civil engineering and machinery.

LIMS proposes solutions to technical problems occurring in the construction and transportation field and in overall engineering using nanotechnology created through the fusion of various basic disciplines, secures the original technology through this, and leads the future industry through the process. We are concentrating our lab's capabilities to cultivate convergence technology talents to go.

LIMS conducts a large part of its research as complementary collaborative research in collaboration with domestic and foreign university laboratories and research institutes. In particular, collaborative research through mutual visitation research by researchers with Columbia University in the US, University of Plymouth in the UK, Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands In progress.

Research field Research contents Research result
Carbon nanotube cement/polymer composite - Optimization of dispersion of carbon nanotubes
- Mechanical performance evaluation
- Electrical performance evaluation
- Complex performance modeling based on micromechanics
Development of self -sensing-based structural integrity evaluation system - Self-sensing coating and composite development
- Mechanical-electrical correlation evaluation
- IoT-based self-sensing system development

Smart road system - Self-heating road coating system development
- Real-time freezing temperature measurement
- Self-heating mechanism and performance evaluation