Geotechnical Engineering Lab

Geotechnical Engineering Lab
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Hankyu Yoo Geotechnical Engineering Geotechnical Engineering
Engineering Building Ⅱ, Room 417
The Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Hanyang University is conducting research on underground spaces such as deep NATM tunnels and double-deck tunnels in urban areas, and on the bearing capacity characteristics of high-strength steel pipe piles. In addition, by conducting research on CO2 underground storage technology and the characteristics of stress deformation behavior of buried pipes, we are actively conducting research activities in related fields, such as conducting stability analysis of underground structures and conducting research projects from various research consignment institutions.

Research field Research contents
Development of Design and Construction Technology for Double Deck Tunnel in Great Depth Underground Space - Analysis of ground behavior mechanism according to groundwater movements
- Evaluation of the impact and stability of adjacent structures
- Structure damage evaluation according to the interaction of the ground and adjacent structures
- Proposal of safety evaluation technology for proximity construction
Standardization of construction design and construction standards (Road and water resource facilities field)
- Overlap conflict maintenance of construction design and construction standards
- Overlap conflict maintenance of construction design and construction standards and additional review and supplementation of standards
- Establishment of integrated code collection for construction design and construction standards
Development of Pipe Line Design, Construction and Management Technology in Permafrost Area Pipeline construction manual reflecting extreme environment and frozen soil characteristics
- Establishment of open-ended construction manual system for pipelines in the frozen soil area
- The procedure for determining the non-crackable construction method according to the construction environment and conditions