Eco-Hydraulics Lab

Eco-Hydraulics Lab
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Hong Seung Ho Eco-Hydraulics Eco-Hydraulics Laboratory
Engineering Building Ⅱ, Room 106
By using scaled-down laboratory experiments and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), our group are looking at the interface between flowing water and river bed where we can find sediment/rock transport because sometimes that lead to failure of important hydraulic infrastructure such as a bridge, dam, and levees during flooding. Using the outcomes from the laboratory experiment and CFD together with additional field measurements, big data analysis is also conducted by various type of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. Specific research topics that we are focusing on are as follows: Finding types and causes of scouring around bridge and/or dam, and suggesting efficient protection measures; reducing amount of micro-plastic in storm-water; investigating fundamental mechanisms of rock plucking; exploring pathway of large rock in debris flow; and many other topics related to the eco-hydraulics.
Research field Research contents Research result
Physical hydraulic laboratory experiment and computational simulation for Scouring - Suggesting a condition for scale down laboratory experiments
- Pier scour
- Abutment scour
- Scour at downstream of a spillway
 세굴 실험 및 수치해석
Rock plucking   - Condition for initiation of rock plucking
- Effect of ice on rock plucking
 Rock plucking
Weir discharge coefficient - Validation of the current discharge coefficient formula for low-head ogee spillway
- Suggesting a graphical diagram to define flow type
Data Analysis - Big data analysis using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

 AI를 이용한Data Analysis