Graduation Requirement

Graduation Requirement
general selection College Basic Compulsory Major culture graduation credits
Major Core Major Extended Major Core or Major Extended Major credit culture mandatory culture selection culture credits
7 30 30 21 9 60 14 10 24 130

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Graduation qualification

  • 1) Whether or not the minimum graduation credits (total credits) and major credits or more have been obtained for each college and department.
  • 2) Those who have completed all the basic compulsory (culture mandatory, core culture mandatory standards), basic basic (or culture), and compulsory major (major core and major extended) courses
  • 3) Those with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. Those eligible for early graduation have a cumulative rating of 4.0 or higher regardless of their school number.
  • 4) Those who completed English-only courses.
  • 5) A person who scored more than a certain score in each university's English proficiency test.