Water Resources Engineering Lab

Water Resources Engineering Lab
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Tae-Woong Kim Water Resources Engineering Water Resources Engineering Lab
Engineering Building Ⅱ, Room 410
The Water Resources Engineering Laboratory of Hanyang University is conducting research on the application of water resources engineering based on hydrology dealing with the generation, circulation, stroage, and distribution of surface water, and probability and statistics dealing with hydrological data. In addition, various stuidies on the application of water resource systems are being conducted, including hydrologic frequency analysis, urban runoff analysis, development of optimization model, analysis of flood and drought and disaster mitigation method. We aim to contribute to the pleasant environment and the sustainable development of the national economy by supplying stable water resources.
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Assessment of Climate Change and Impact for Water Resources For the forecast and outlook of drought and flood considering climate change, research on monitoring, predicting, forecast, outlook and risk assessment of extreme events is underway using a probabilistic model. Through such research, it is expected to contribute to water resource management, the operation and design of hydraulic structure, and establishment of disaster prevention plans. 기후변화와 수자원의 영향 평가 분야
Natural Disaster Reduction Technology - For estimating accurate design floods, the study is conducted on non-stationary rainfall frequency analysis, development of a method for design rainfalls considering climate change, development of a parameter estimation method using uncertainty analysis of probability rainfall, and a rainfall frequency analysis considering the tendency of increasing rainfall.

- The study is conducted to analyze the drought disaster using the bivariate Copula function, hidden Markov model, to develop a new drought index, and to analyze drought risk and vulnerability.
자연재난 저감 기술분야
Water Resource Policy - Considering the characteristics of local water resources, the study is conducted on the establishment of polices and the development of frameworks to cope with extreme drought. 수자원 정책분야